Participants in the tour contest should download one of the two localized WWT Windows applications, which offer the best tour-authoring experience. The AAS version of WWT can be downloaded here, and the China-VO version can be downloaded here.



Download the official IWTC poster here.

Sample Tour

Voyagers (旅行者号)
Confession of Love (告白地球)
The Book of Songs and Astronomy (诗经与天文)
Blood moon and solar eclipse (血月与日食)
The Great Wall (万里长城)
Volcanoes (火山)
Bye Cassini
Tiangong-2 Space Lab (天宫二号)
Dongfanghong Satellite (东方红)
Shoulders of Giants (站在巨人的肩膀上)
The known universe (宇宙漫游)
Endless Frontier (无尽的前沿)
Dongba Culture and Astronomy (东巴文化与天文的碰撞)
The sons of the earth (地球之子)
A Brief History of China’s Space Industry (中国航天发展史)
Big Fish (大鱼)

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