Contest Rules


Due to the complex situation of the global internet, the steering committee accepts any way you can use, for example Google Drive, Dropbox, institute or personal server, or any others. Please send the URL (and maybe with passcode) to “” before the submission deadline (15th July, 2022) .

To participate the contest, participants need to create a WWT tour and submit it to their local contest organizer in the list.

Tour Requirements: Technical

Participants in the tour contest should use one of the two localized WWT Windows applications to create their tour. The AAS version of WWT can be downloaded here, and the China-VO version can be downloaded here.

The WWT applications save tours as “.wtt” files. Each submission consists of an uploaded “.wtt” file that will be evaluated by the judges.

Submitted tours must have a duration of 5 minutes or less.

Tours may be created using any language. For tours that reach the finalist stage of the international contest, a brief description of the tour in English, and/or English narration or subtitles, must be available. Contestants can add these after they are notified that they have advanced to the finalist stage.

Tour Requirements: Content

TOPIC: Tours may cover all topics related to astronomy and other science, including concept teaching, interpretation of scientific knowledge, data analysis and display, storytelling, and even science fiction and beyond.

AUTHORSHIP: A tour can be completed by one person alone or in teams of no more than five people.

INFORMATION: Authors’ name, Affiliation, contact information

ATTENTION: Different local organizers may formulate different rules or provide other references according to local conditions. Please refer to the instructions of the local organizer for details.


FOR participants
Please refer to the instructions and requirements of the local organizer.
If you could not find the local contest in your country or region, you can join any one you want.
If you could not find a suitable local organizer and want to be a local organizer yourself, please contact International Steering Committee ( .

FOR Local organizer

Send up to SIX tours selected from local participants and information document to IWTC before deadline (15th July, 2022) .


  • OCT, 2021 Officially announce International WorldWide Telescope Contest (IWTC)
  • BEFORE 1ST DEC, 2021  (Suggested) Release the announcement of the local contest, and open registration and submission of WWT tours
  • BEFORE 30 ST APR, 2022 (Suggested) Deadline for submission of local contest
  • BEFORE 30TH MAY, 2022  (Suggested) All tours submitted reviewed by local judges, SIX EXCELLENT TOURS selected.
  • Extended to 15TH JULY, 2022 Deadline for submission tours to IWTC
  • JUL, 2022 IWTC final contest review
  • AUG, 2022 Awards ceremony


IWTC organizing committee reserved the right to disqualify any tours that contain inappropriate content. Including but not limited to illegal content, politically sensitive topic, etc.